18 Fast Food Items You Should Never Order

Sometimes fast food items are even worse than simply unhealthy consul for your body. Workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, Tortilla Clock, and other dominoes took Reddit posts, warning customers about the total unknown activity that certain restaurants are doing. Clearly, these problems are much bigger than anyone expected.

Burger King Chicken Sandwich

It’s not just the Burger King: ordering chicken sandwiches at famous restaurants selling burgers is usually not a good idea. Burger King’s chicken sandwich could sit warm for a few hours because no one ordered all day.


Friendly tuna salad

People who used to work in this restaurant say that friendly tuna salad actually hides a big secret: a batch is made only once a week! In addition to some other things that can be prepared in advance, this is a large red flag for food hygiene, it is better to avoid these items.

                                                        Friendly’s- Tuna Salad

Sonic- Ice Cream

Like buying ice cream at any fast food restaurant, ordering some smooth sonic service can be very shaded. One Reddit user said that most new employees never received proper training on how to maintain and clean the ice cream machine, and once the user actually cleaned it, they found it was absolutely covered in the mold. No, thank you!


Burger King Chicken Fries

Here again, he faced another terrible chicken element served by Burger King. Few know most consumers, but chips sometimes stay outside for up to six hours before being served or (hopefully) rolls.

Burger King- Chicken Fries

McDonald’s – O Fish Filet

Of course, you can order fish here, but it may not be so good. If you want to make sure you get freshly cooked food at McDonald’s, try sticking to order burgers.

Culvert – Vegetarian Burger

As expected, the culver doesn’t usually have a large number of people to order their vegetarian burgers. Because of this, they put uncooked burgers in the fridge until someone ordered them. The same utensils that are removed from the refrigerator and cooked on the same grill as ordinary burgers. It’s not that good people trying to avoid meat.


Arby’- roast beef

Apparently, Abbey’s roast meat wasn’t solid when it first came to the restaurant chain. Roasted meat reaches the chain like a pulp bag and solidifies after cooking in the oven. Slices of meat are mixed with fat and in a huge bag of pasta.

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Again, ordering chicken in a place where you do not know the chicken usually does not give the desired result. McDonald’s chicken nuggets are no exception, no matter how popular they are. It’s also unusual for them to sit outside for hours before someone buys them.


Bell Bean Taco

Although beans are basic on the Omelette Clock menu, they are not as authentic and fresh as some might think. They actually reach every position in a bag, they just need water, so that they become what we all know about their food.

Jimmy John – Gourmet Vegetarian Club

This can be a surprise for many people because vegetarian clubs should sound a fairly healthy choice compared to other food options! However, here’s unfortunate news: the 16-inch sandwich made from 9-grain wheat bread contains more than 2000 calories higher in sodium, fat, and sugar. Eating multiple macaronies is no worse than this sandwich…


Domino’s- Sandwiches

If you are like most people in the world, you absolutely do not know domino even sell sandwiches! A former employee decided to tell us how terrible they can be, especially a Philadelphia steak or an American cheese sandwich. Because these are used only for sandwiches, most people do not order sandwiches, you can imagine that the ingredients will always be less fresh.


Starbucks – Secret Menu

To be honest, Starbucks doesn’t really have a “secret menu”. The secret menu, not all barista has slipped into the cash register on a hidden sheet of paper. No, it just doesn’t exist. Insist that you should order a real drink and customize it to your liking.


Panda Express – Orange Chicken

Like any other restaurant, Panda Express does not throw away the food that has been sitting in a slow time. Instead, just glaze some fresh sauce on top of the old chicken to make it appear to be good fresh uninformed customers.


Chipotle- Tacos

We have some news for you. When you order taco at Chipotle, you seriously deprive yourself of a lot of food! For the same price, you can order a bowl and get more food. The best part? Side tortillas are free!

Subway Tuna Sandwich

Current Metro employees receive Reddit called Metro Tuna sandwich “literally poison in the container”, and you know it is not so great. The man explained in the post that the underground tuna almost always served well expired, despite the health risks posed.

Sonic- Chili

This may not be surprising, but Sonic peppers are not fresh on site. It comes in a pre-packaged bag, which in the morning is thrown into a warm first thing. Six hours.


McDonald’s -Milkshakes

It’s a global joke that McDonald’s ice cream and smoothie machines were destroyed half the time, but this is really true and not just a joke. Although the machine will be cleaned, if the machine breaks, it will not be cleaned until fixed, during this time the milk spoils and sticks to the machine. Basically, this machine has never been as hygienic as it should be.


Little Caesar’s- Breadsticks

I know they say dogs are men’s best friends, but actually, I think the breadstick is men’s best friend.

Nothing can like a stick of hot butter bread with a little garlic in it… Unless it is said that the breadstick comes from a small caesarean section. Caesar is not really butter, but something mysterious that will not be refrigerated fake baths.

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