If You Eat Celery Every Day, This is What Happens To Your Body

Celery is usually considered a typical dietary food, tasteless, with ribbons, but the calories are so low to ensure that it gets rid of pounds.
And the fact that celery is really good for losing weight.
But it offers a lot more than that.
Celery is good for you, when you read this post, you will want to eat it and enjoy it on your skin! You may think that celery has so much water and fiber that it can not contain too many other foods, but in fact, celery is an excellent source of several important vitamins and minerals.
For beginners, it is particularly high in vitamin K and molybdenum.
The content of folate, potassium, manganese and pantothenic acid is low but still considerable.
When you eat celery, you can also get vitamins A, B2, B6 and C, copper, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.
Ready to discover what all goodness can do for you? Continue reading and get ready to surprise you.
Some of these benefits, especially #6 and #7, can simply change your perception of caring for your body.

1.Weight loss

Sometimes it is suggested that celery has few calories is actually a negative calorie food, which means that more calories are needed to digest than celery itself.
Isn’t that good? Evidence for this is contradictory, but the calories of celery are very low, you do not have to calculate it on the number of calories consumed daily.
Celery also has plenty of fiber and water that can help you feel full and calm those disturbing cravings for junk food.
If you are on a diet, try to eat some celery before each meal, eventually reducing weight without feeling deprived.

2.Aids Digestion

Celery fiber supports a healthy digestive system, which is essential because digestion is the way our body converts food into energy.
Without enough quantity of fiber, digestion slows, and you are at risk for uncomfortable conditions such as constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

Celery contains soluble and insoluble fibers, which are not directly digested by the body.
The soluble kind forms a gel-like substance, that adds bulk to your stool and helps it to pass easily.
Celery not only provides these two beneficial types of fiber but also contains certain phytochemicals that help your body absorb the available nutrients.

3. Reduces cholesterol.

High cholesterol makes the body more at risk for heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.
If you try to lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol, you will want to eat celery.
Celery contains a compound called 3-n-butyrefthalic acid (3nb), which has been shown to improve this key measure of health.
According to scientists from the University of Chicago, eating 4 stems per day can reduce your LDL by about 7%.
This is enough to bring your number to a healthy place.

4. Reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is a defensive mechanism that occurs at the site of any physical injury.
Chronic inflammation, however, is a misfire of the immune system that causes more problems than it solves.
Eating foods with high antioxidants can significantly reduce chronic inflammation.
Celery has more than 12 different types of antioxidants, known to reduce inflammation and pain, especially for people of any form of arthritis.
Even if you do not have arthritis, antioxidants in celery minimize sport-related pain, keep skin firm and young, and improve the functioning of all organs.

5.Electrolyte replenishment.

After exercise, skip sports drinks and eat a little celery instead.
Sports drinks are intended to replenish electrolytes, but the large amount of sugar they contain can erase the benefits of exercise.
Celery, in addition to having plenty of water to avoid dehydration, is characterized by a good balance between potassium and sodium.
These two nutrients work together to regulate the use of water by your body.
This has special benefits for your kidneys.
If you want to add celery to your daily work after exercise, but you don’t like to eat it, try making a juice in a delicious smoothie.

6.Prevention or treatment of kidney stones.

Kidney stones hurt like Dickens, and if you’ve ever had them, you could do anything to avoid repeating this experience.
It turns out that celery is ideal for the prevention and treatment of stones.
On the one hand, it contains a lot of water.
Maintaining good moisture makes it easier for your body to take out excess calcium, which is the main component of most stones.
If the stone is formed, additional water is needed to pass through it.
Celery juice is also considered to have additional benefits, removing toxins associated with the formation of stones.
Eating more celery can help you get rid of stones faster, in addition to medications prescribed by the doctor.

7.Less acne.

Acne is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition.
Although it is usually digested after puberty, acne in adults is not uncommon.
Unfortunately, because it confuses the patient’s confidence, manufacturers of acne therapy have to pay a high price to seek help.
It has been found that drinking celery juice controls oily skin that causes pimples.
Celery also contains vitamin C, which is a nutrient, especially suitable for the skin.
It can boost the production of collagen, which is an integral part of the skin, keeping it soft.
But you do not even need to eat celery to get its benefits for your skin.
If you cook a little chopped celery in water and then let it cool, It makes a good clean face rinse.

8.Better brainpower.

Celery contains a flavonoid antioxidant called lutein, which is believed to reduce inflammation in the brain.
Studies show that lutein can reduce age-related memory loss in mice.
There are no human trials to verify the results, but any antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food is valuable in supporting brain health and daily mental skills.
Other delicious sources of lutein include olive oil, mint, carrot, oreganus, parsley, rosemary, and chamomile tea.


Celery is an excellent addition to your daily diet as it contains high water and fiber, both supporting the cardiovascular and digestive health of your body while facilitating weight loss (if this is your goal).
When you add lighter skin, increased mental acuity and disease prevention, reduce the benefits of celery become quite impressive, such as boring food.
Some people do not like the texture of celery, but it softens considerably when cooking, we bet to eat more than you think.
Celery can also be squeezed or mixed into smoothies.
If you hate these strings (and have time), they can be removed before meals.
The result is that no matter how you get your daily celery. Just that you do.



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