You will never Eat another banana after reading this!

Banana is great food.
They are fully packaged in a single size.
They taste well raw, cooked, bread or cereals.
They have great nutritional value.
But … Bananas can be difficult for your body.
Eating bananas brings risks to your heart and waistline.
There are even commonly prescribed drugs that you should not take, and then eat bananas.
Bananas can even cause serious allergic reactions.
In fact, you may be thinking twice before never eating another banana after reading this.

Not Such dietary food.

Bananas have a lot of good nutrients, but they are not foods for weight loss.
Bananas have higher calories than other fruits (about 105 calories) and have fewer fibers, so you won’t feel full.
Bananas can be a good snack, but for calorie counters, there are better snacks there.
They are at a moderate level in the blood sugar index, so patients with diabetes may need to avoid them.
Anyway, you may not want to eat a lot of bananas!


If you are allergic to old cheeses such as blue cheeses, you may be sensitive to cheeses.
Tyramine is naturally found in protein foods.
If you eat bananas, make sure that each silk fiber is removed.
Banana peel is higher in tyramine and, in some countries, is a snack.
If you travel, pay attention to your banana peel food! Potassium filled bananas are good for your heart, right? Read on.

Too A lot of potassium.

Small doses every day from banana are recommended for your heart.

Eating banana’s with a big quantity can develop hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia can cause irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, and temporary paralysis.
Most people don’t eat enough bananas to go to hyperkalemia.
If you have other kidney diseases, you may be at risk with an increase in potassium levels in your blood, or if you are taking potassium supplements.

Not A good breakfast.

If you feel trapped in your morning after bananas, you will feel the effect of tryptophan.
It is responsible for the after-turkey dinner sleepies.
Tryptophan slows down the psychological process and reaction time.
Add the muscles to relax from all magnesium bananas, you have a great nap recipe to try bananas before bedtime, not cereals in your morning.
But then be sure to brush your teeth.
Bananas can be hard on your teeth.

Bananas and tooth decay.

Bananas can be very healthy for teeth.
Calcium and vitamin D make bones stronger and enameled.
The problem is to leave starch and sugar on the teeth for a long time.
Eating a lot of bananas can temporarily change the pH of the mouth, which can erode the enamel.
Eat bananas, but be sure to brush your teeth later so as not to damage your teeth! But do not let bananas get on your nerves.

Nerve Damage.

If you eat too many bananas and take a lot of vitamin B6, you can damage your nerves.
You must take more than 500 mg of B6 to reach this level.
Almost, you have to eat a lot of bananas, but if you were a banana fish, it could happen.
Can bananas be responsible for their runny nose?


People can be allergic to bananas.
If you are allergic to ragweed, you may be allergic to bananas.
Dealing with them can bring symptoms.
If you can not eat avocado, kiwi, tomatoes, sweet peppers or potatoes, without itching or wheezing, you should eat bananas.
Bananas contain protein and are very similar to natural latex.
If you are sensitive to latex, you can also be sensitive to bananas.

Bananas may not be safe for babies.

The dangerous part of the allergy is anaphylactic shock.
This is a life-threatening disease that requires immediate emergency care.
If you are ready to introduce fruit into the baby’s diet, you can easily use it on bananas.
If your baby (or you) have difficulty breathing after eating a banana (or any food or medicine) and becomes upset, ask for help immediately.
Introducing bananas slowly, you can save lives! Or at least stomach pain.

Stomach Pain.

Does the stomach hurt after a banana? There are several potential reasons for this.
Make sure your banana is ripe.
Immature bananas are starch, your body should strive to digest so much starch.
Pain in the stomach after ripe bananas may indicate allergies.
It can also come from diseases or infections of the gastrointestinal tract.
If after the banana stomach pain is new, you may want to talk to your doctor.

Bananas There are serious drug interactions.

The FDA lists four categories of drugs that you do not want to mix with bananas.
Patients with heart disease are usually contraindicated with beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors.
They cause a wave of potassium in the blood flow.
Eating bananas can lead to hyperkalemia.
Oxazolidine antibacterials and bananas can dangerously increase your blood pressure.
Diuretics can help you remove water, sodium, and chloride from your body.
They are often prescribed for liver problems of the heart.
Mixing these bananas can cause hyperkalemia.

Constipation and gas.

Eating immature bananas and all starch can stop your system.
Instead, ripe banana can make things move again! If you eat enough bananas, immature or ripe, you can have a sudden attack of gas.
Your body needs fibers to function properly.
You just do not need too much fiber at once, or if you are not used to eating a lot of fiber.


Bananas can be a very good snack.
Just remember the dangers of eating bananas or feeding bananas baby.
Do not rely on bananas to help you lose weight.
If you are taking one of the medications on the interactive list, be sure to talk to your doctor.
Whatever you do, do not eat too many bananas! Your body will not thank you that you can end up with stomach pain or even a trip to the ER.


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